This group is to be established in January 2021 in order to provide a safe place for survivors of sexual assault to share their own experiences, learn from others who have had similar experiences, and support one another.

There will be two separate groups; one for male youths and one for female youths who have experienced sexual assault and would like professional and peer support. The groups are considered private, each with a limit of 10 members per group. The groups will each meet on a weekly basis for 60-75mins. Due to COVID restrictions, the groups will meet virtually via Zoom. Once safety guidelines allow for in-person meetings, the groups will meet at BYS.

If you are interested in participating in this group, please fill out the registration form above. Once you have turned in the registration form, the Youth Services Coordinator will be in contact with you. It is required that you meet with the facilitator before you will be allowed to attend a meeting.

The lead facilitators are BYS Counseling Interns, Helen Burke (females) and John Carleton (males).