What Do I Have To Live For

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My issue is that I’m depressed. I haven’t seen a doctor yet because I’m too scared to tell my parents. I know that they won’t believe me. Three months ago I did my exams and when I got my results, I was devastated I failed this has caused me to cry all the time and just feel sad all the time.

I don’t know who to talk to I’m too sad. This started way before my exams. I have thought of suicide repeatedly or I just feel like I’m not needed in this world because there is nothing that I can do or that I can achieve. My parents keep on saying that I’m fat and I’ve lost almost all my friends this year. What do I really have to live for. ​

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    We’re glad you emailed! It sounds like there’s a lot going on and we’re glad you’re ready to talk about it. It really concerns us, though, when you say you’re having thoughts of suicide. Please know that things can get better, but it’s important that you give yourself the chance to see that. At 18, you are just starting out your life. You may not know your purpose in the world quite yet, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have one.

    It would be great for you to continue to seek support from those around you. Telling your doctor is a great start. If you feel like your parents will not help, try reaching out to other family members or adults you trust. Also check out these resources in your area — http://www.befrienders.org/directory?country=KE

    If you ever feel like you cannot keep yourself safe, please contact your local authorities.

    Take Care and Be Safe,

    Lauren, Counselor

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