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My dad is an abusive alcoholic. I have told my mom that he scares me and has made me cut. All she said was she would find me help and that she loves him. Well this was about 6 months ago… Still no help and still wishing to be out of this house. I once told my dad before to if I can’t leave this house my spirit will. He called the cops and the cop knew my dad and said he was “a good man” so I couldn’t talk to the cop then. I live in a small town. There’s only one place for counseling  but my mom worked there so I can not go there now.
I have ran away but my mom followed because I’ll tell my dad I want to leave and he will say “There’s the door”. I’m scared. He abuses me and my dogs and my mom. He is worst when he is drunk to… I’m lost and do not know what do.
Please do get back to me. Thank you

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    Thank you so much for reaching out to Boys Town for help, we help all teenagers. You are very brave and it took a lot of courage to do so, and we are very proud of you. Your life does seem very difficult right now and you are going through a lot right. Living in a small town can be very difficult because everyone knows everybody and what they do.

    Suicide is not the answer and living with an alcoholic is very hard, stressful and challenging, but you have the right idea about when you turn a certain age about getting a job so you are not home as much. Definitely start putting applications in for places to work at so you can start immediately.

    If you are being abused, we would recommend contacting the local police, even though you believe they may not do anything, but by law they are required to investigate the situation. You can also start by talking to your guidance counselor at school about the abuse you have encountered and they may be able to assist you with creating a safe environment for you.

    You mentioned cutting and this is how you are coping with your dad, try finding another outlet instead, such as journaling, exercising or listening to music. If you can channel this energy into something else, it will help you keep safe. In the meantime, you stated your dad is worse when he is drunk.

    When this does happen, try and find the times he is most likely to be home and see if you can spend the night at a relative’s place or a friend’s home, so you don’t have to be around it.

    You are very brave and have done a great job by reaching out to us. Please call us any time at 1-800-448-300, we are here 24/7.

    Julie, Counselor

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