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I really find it hard to survive. Sometimes I’m fine, and sometimes I just want to die. I’m an outcast in my family. No one really talks to me. When they do all I hear is them laughing and making fun of me. I’m the only chubby one in the family. I use food to cope with pain, and I’m trying to get out of that bad habit. I’ve been molested countless times growing up.

I’ve been raped once (My fault for being stupid). I told a few people about being molested and raped. I love drinking. I use to be an alcoholic. I started drinking again. I don’t get drunk. I have major anger problems. I can’t talk to people because I fear them. I honestly believe It’s holding me back from a Job.

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    There has been some major trauma in your life so no wonder why sometimes you are fine and sometimes not so fine. The coping skills that you have chosen in the past are not working for you and you know what they say, if it is not working, change it. Sometimes this is easier said than done. We understand this. We also understand and know that things can get better and you can live a very successful life.

    Reaching out today was the first step in a healthy direction. Talking about what happened isn’t easy and can be very uncomfortable. And you are right, this pain is holding you back and preventing you from getting jobs and having a life that you feel good about. So today was a big step and you should be very proud of yourself.

    Now, the nest step is getting the help and learning how to help yourself in a healthy way. Since you are an adult, you can report the past abuse to any local sheriff or police department. If you are not comfortable in reporting, talk with someone about this trauma that is in the position to help you. There are lots of organizations dedicated to women like you who need the help to move forward and help getting back on track. RAINN, Rape Abuse, Incest National Network is open 24/7.

    You can contact them by phone or by email about what you need to do and how to do it. They are experts in this area and they have the knowledge and tools to help you work through this. You can’t do it alone. No more eating to cope or drinking. Those only make the situation worse for you. You have suffered enough. No more self-sabotaging.
    RAINN’s number is (800) 656-4673 and their website is

    Again, we are really proud of you for taking this step. We know this couldn’t have been an easy thing to do. You did it!! We are here for you anytime. Our counselors are here to answer your questions, offer support and referrals 24/7. You can call or write us anytime. 800-448-3000.

    We hope this has been helpful. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

    Best to you,
    Naina, counselor

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