Transition Resources for Parents of Freshman


7 Ideas for Handling the Transition from Middle School to High School

Summary: To help ease the middle school to high school transition, three leading experts share their top advice for parents. 

The Technology/Social Media Rules Kids and Teens Wish Their Parents Would Follow

Summary: Learn what researchers found when they explored technology usage rules in families from an angle rarely considered – the rules children would like their parents to follow. If you are a parent of a 10-17 year old, this surprising article is for you. 

Creating a Family Media Plan

Summary: Need some help having media work for you and your family? Yeah, same here! The tools on this site can help you think about media & create goals & rules that are in line with your family’s values. 

Five Tips for Parents: Helping Guide Young Adults in Developing Healthy Romantic Relationships

Summary: We often do very little to prepare young people for the focused, tender, subtle, generous work of learning how to love and be loved and developing a mature romantic relationship. Here is a guide to five ongoing conversations to have with your young adult. 

Tips to Help Your Child Thrive

Summary: Succinct tips serve as great reminders of what really matters. Perfect for the fridge. 

Preventing Teen Drug Use: How to Talk with Your Teen about Drugs

Summary: Five tips on how to talk with your son or daughter, foster mutual understanding and break through communication barriers so that you feel more connected to one another. This website is packed with resources for parents. 

How to Coach Kids Through Anger: A Roleplay

Summary: Developmental psychologist and early childhood expert, Dr. Becky Bailey demonstrates the different ways our parents dealt with upsetting moments. Through a humorous skit where she plays the child, Dr. Bailey reveals the four most common negative approaches and then how to properly coach a child with their feelings.