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My mom lives with her boyfriend, and she forced me to move in with him, and wouldn’t let me stay with my dad and his new wife. I have told her countless of times that I feel uncomfortable around him (In the beginning). He’s been looking at me strangely and makes fun of me all the time. My mom just laughs with his jokes. A week after my birthday her boyfriend and I were alone in my room while she was in theirs. He was helping me set up my computer even though I didn’t want him to. He got really close to me and I was about to say something, but then he molested me. I didn’t tell anyone for an entire month, not even my best friend because I was terrified of what he would do. Finally I told my dad, and he told my mom then we sat down to talk about it, and no one believed me. I was grounded for a week because they thought I was lying, and to make it worse, my dad forced me to apologize for accusing her boyfriend. My mom guilt trips me and says that I don’t want her to be happy and that’s why I’m doing this. He hasn’t molested me since, but I’m still scared. He still makes fun of me, and when I think back to the incident I always cry(about three times a week), I always lie to my mom that I’m not feeling well because she would get mad if she knew the real reason. I don’t want to live anymore, and my thoughts about this scare me.

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  • BYS Counselor says:

    It sounds like you are having a hard time. You are certainly doing the right thing by reaching out for help. Unfortunately, many times because parents are in such disbelief and denial, that the only way to cope themselves is to not believe the abuse ever happened. This does not mean there is not help for you though. In fact, you can search “Child Protective Services” online and find the local number in your area based on your county. If you call the number provided, you can report the abuse, and it will be investigated. The good thing about reporting this abuse if that not only will you be getting the help you need, but you will potentially be preventing the likelihood of this same abuse happening to someone else you know (another family member, friend, etc).

    You are also welcome to call into the National Hotline at 1-800-448-3000. They have counselors 24/7 that would love nothing more than to help you, and we could help you report the abuse if you think you might need some guidance. You might also try reaching out to another adult you trust (teacher, family member, neighbor, family friend etc). You are very brave for reaching out and wanting help after all you have been though. We are so sorry that there has been such risk in telling the truth, but the main thing is to know that there is help for you. Regardless of what you choose, when you say you do not want to live anymore, remember that this incident was NOT your fault. Having these thoughts coincide with what happened, but you can eliminate suicidal thoughts by continuing to reach out. You have already emailed us, now you just have to call or talk to someone you believe can further help.

    Remember that suicide is a permanent solution to this unfortunate situation you can get help with! When you are having these thoughts, just know that there is a big difference between thinking and acting on your thoughts. Thank you so much for trusting in us to help, and we would like to return the favor by being able further help. Give us a call if even you just need to talk! You are stronger than you know because most people never have to endure this kind of pain. In the meantime, try to keep yourself busy, and don’t forget to do fun things to keep your mind in a positive place.

    BYS Counselor

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