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‚ÄčI feel silly for messaging you guys since I am going to be 18 so technically I should be smart enough to handle these things but I am currently going through a crisis I don’t know how to handle. Back story, my parents have had problems since day 1 of marriage and are most likely getting divorced. I’m happy about that because I think my dad is not the best person and never really wanted a husband/father role in life. The problem i am facing is that my mom told me if that is what eventually happens we will be moving with my grandparents or I can stay here. My mom and I are so close I can’t imagine not being in the same state as her, but my boyfriend is living here. My boyfriend and I are so serious. We just had our 3 year anniversary and have honestly talked about living together next year after he’s more adjusted to college and then eventually getting married. This is a huge decision, what if he’s who I’m supposed to be with the rest of my life? I also do not want to move because I really really hate where my grandparents live. It’s way too hot and way too boring. I eventually wanted to move to a big city and maybe go to beauty school there and start my life there. I have no idea what to do. I’m going to be 18 soon so if I wanted to go to the city and start my life I could. Or I could stay here and live with my boyfriend. Or I could go with my mom. I have no idea and it is absolutely killing me. I feel like each choice is the wrong choice.

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  • BYS Counselor says:

    Thanks for reaching out and talking to the counselors about what you are going through. What you are experiencing is life choices and no one is ever prepared to make those! No matter how old you are, you will always feel a pull in both directions of your choices.

    You will never know what the right choice is. You just make a choice and make it work! Something that might help you plan out what you really want to do is to map out the pros and cons to each decision of staying, moving in with your grandparents, or moving to the city. You can also make vision boards. Take pictures and clippings of magazines and put them together to represent what your life would be like in each place. Which one makes you the happiest?

    Choose the choice that is best for you! No one else! Yes you love your boyfriend, but you never know the future and something could make him move to another town. You love your mother, but she wants what’s best for you. Ask yourself what you really want right now?

    Never feel like you can’t reach out here and need to make the decision on your own! It’s always helpful to bounce ideas of other people and get an outsider’s perspective. Reach out anytime!

    BYS Counselor

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