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I have been using drugs. I never felt addicted to any of the drugs I’ve been using, but recently in my program that I am in for alcohol abuse because of my DUI we have been talking about denial. The drugs and alcohol lie to you. I drink a couple times a week, but drinking isn’t really my thing. I like to be drunk, but that’s about it. I used to use a lot of E, but not anymore because it stopped getting me high.

I mostly tweek it and drink. I know tweeking is super addicting and I do abuse it, but when I have to I do stop using. I don’t crave it but I just feel really weird and get really bored all the time even when I’m out with friends.

I don’t feel addicted to it. I don’t know if I am in denial or what. I don’t do drugs or any reason anyways. I just like to be high. if I have to I would stop, but I don’t have a reason to right now. It still leaves me questioning myself if I am addicted or not because I can’t get myself to believe it and I don’t know why. ​

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    Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like you are really starting to question your drug use. It’s great that you are listening to what they are saying in treatment and trying to apply it to yourself.

    Addiction can be a sneaky disease. Like you mentioned it starts with denial. You learn how to make excuses for the use and reasons why using is okay in order to protect your addiction. The only way to know if you have an addiction is to try and maintain sobriety. You said you don’t have a reason to stop, but do you have a reason to keep using?

    Keep working your program. Continue to ask for support. Addiction is a hard thing to break and people tend to not break the habits alone. Many people find Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous helpful when trying to understand addiction. Don’t think you have to be ready to admit you are an addict before seeking help. You can seek help anytime! Below are some referrals you might find useful. Please continue to reach out when you want extra support getting through this stage of your life. ( (800) 252-6465)

    Good luck! Stay strong!

    Jenna, Counselor

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