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​My parents recently went through a divorce and people at school started calling me names and my grades have been going down…WAY DOWN I used to be all A’s and now I have C’s and D’s. I have found myself always sad and hiding behind my fake smile. Any tips? Please reply soon! ​

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  • BYS Counselor says:

    We are so glad you reached out to us to talk about how you have been feeling and about your grades. It sounds like your grades have been going down because of what you are going through at home. Having stress at home can be difficult and sometimes can hurt other parts of your life. You may be thinking about what your parents are going through and that follows you, making it hard to concentrate in school. This does happen and is understandable because a parent’s divorce can be very difficult and painful to go through. You are not alone.

    It is so important you find ways to express your feelings and notify your parents and even a school counselor about how sad you are and how difficult it is to hide those emotions in school. You deserve to be understood, heard and find ways to get support both at home and at school. This is probably a very confusing time for you because you don’t know what your future will look like. You can find ways to get extra help in school and get out the sad feelings. If you knew others understood and were there to help you get through this difficult time, it could really help.

    This can and probably will get better in time. It takes time and it is just so important to take your feelings seriously and find those people like a parent, other relative, school counselor and let them know how you are feeling. They want you to be happy and realize how tough this situation is for you. Having your parents divorce is tough on you and the best way to get through this is to know you are supported and you are safe no matter what. If you know your life will be fine and this will work out eventually you can feel better in school and not feel so uncertain and sad. It does hurt and it can consume your thoughts, so, get others involved. Talk about what is happening, how you are feeling and ask questions on what is going to happen to you and your home. You deserve to know.

    We are here for you and want to be a support if you need to talk and express yourself. Also, find a notebook and write out your feelings. Continue to do activities that you enjoy like hanging out with friends and school activities.

    Take care,

    BYS Counselor

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