Fighting With My Brother Constantly

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Hi, I’m spiraling outta control. Me and little brother who is 11 have been fighting constantly. We fought one time Really bad that I hurt so bad inside more than outside I decided to find another path i needed peace and happiness in my life and I found it in nature. About a month later today we fought again he was and is so disrespectful to me and my mom that he cusses me everyday and it really just annoyed me so bad that he thought he has the upper hand so I started punching him and he got so mad that he started throwing pens and pencils at me I finally screamed like a damn girl I was so embarrassed of myself cause it was outta character for me I never done that since I was like 9 I was so humiliated and broken down I just want a happy life without us fighting and my anger Gettin stirred up please help me…

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  • BYS Counselor says:

    Thanks for reaching out for support. It sounds like you have had it with your brother and finally let all that anger and frustration out.

    It probably felt good to finally let all that emotion out. Humans aren’t built to keep all that frustration in because when you do you start to feel like you are spiraling out of control. It’s okay to express your emotions even if they are anger/frustration/disappointment. The more you vocalize these feelings the less likely they are to erupt like they did when you just couldn’t take anymore.

    It might be time for your mother to get help for your family. It sounds like your brother might need some help with his behaviors while your mother might need to take a parenting class/support group to help her get through these behaviors your brother displays towards the family.

    Remember that you can only control yourself and your emotions. You can’t change your brother or your mother, but you can change how you act, think, and feel. You can take your brothers comments personal or you can realize he has his own issues and don’t let the comments affect you.

    Reach out anytime you need support! The counselors are always here to support you. Next time you feel like you cannot handle your brother, instead of reacting to him try reaching out for support! Take care and express yourself in appropriate ways!

    BYS Counselor

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