Here are some frequently asked questions.

Q. I emailed you, but don’t see anything posted yet.

Your question won’t appear immediately.

An Ask BYS counselor will review and attempt to answer questions within two days. We may edit your message and may not post it depending on the content of the email or its response.

Q. I don’t want anyone to find out it’s me – what should I do?

  • Don’t send or write anything that could allow someone to figure out who you are or where you live.
  • Don’t use your real full name (first name is ok)
  • Don’t give your street address or phone number
  • Don’t post the name of your school, club or association
  • Don’t list names of friends (give them a nickname instead)

Ask BYS will do what it deems best to safeguard information that you share with us. However, if we believe that sharing information is the correct thing to do, we will do so. By way of example, but not all inclusive, we may provide information to others if:

1. you tell the counselor that you have harmed yourself in the past, are about to harm yourself, will harm yourself in the future, or if some life threatening act is present or imminent.


2. you tell the counselor that someone has harmed you in the past, is harming you now or will harm you in the near future.


3. you give the counselor identifying information (your name, address or phone number) When these two things happen together, then the counselor is obligated by law to help you by informing the police and/or child protection authorities.

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