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Finding Help

How to Get Help

Make an Appointment with BYS


We recommend the following sites to find a provider outside of BYS:

Bainbridge Psychotherapy Guild

Psychology Today


Suicide Prevention Lifeline

What Happens When You Call

Crisis Text Line

What Happens When You Text

Helping a Friend

Communicating with Someone Who May Be Suicidal


Eating Disorders

Get screened, find help, or call the hotline: National Eating Disorders Association

How to Help a Loved One

What Do I Do if My Friend Has an Eating Disorder?



Learn about Self-Harm

How to Help a Friend

How to Respond to Self-Harm


Sexual Assault

Confidential National Hotline: RAINN Hotline

Get Help

What If You Are Assaulted


Substance Abuse

What to Do If You Have a Problem with Drugs

How to Help a Friend