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I have no idea what to do. I’m honestly scared to death. My friends mom is out of town so he threw a party and me including all my friends went over to his house.. BIG MISTAKE. We all got drunk and stayed the night at his house. I mean no parents were there.. Why wouldn’t we? The next thing I know I’m up in his bedroom with him hearing pounding on the door.

I guess my friends were trying to get us out of the room since he and I had both been drinking, but I don’t remember it. The guy said him and I had sex, but I don’t remember it and it would’ve been my ‘first time’. I have no idea what happened or even if he used a condom! Help! WHAT do I do?! ​

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  • BYS Counselor says:


    Thanks for writing in today. It sounds like if you could turn back the hands of time, you would. You’re wondering where do I go from here? If you consider this guy a friend, you might want to go talk to him again. Tell him you have something really important to talk about. Let him know how you are feeling – you are feeling like if you did have sex, you make a mistake. You are feeling worried about the outcome or consequences. Then ask him if he can be very honest with you, because you are really struggling with this.

    You mentioned that you don’t remember anything but being in his bedroom and then the knock on the door. If you think for a minute that you did not give consent, you were blacked out, and he took advantage of you, this is now a legal issue. We hope this is not the case. Unfortunately, if you were under the influence, you may not remember. Guards are let down, and we find ourselves in compromising situations – ones that we normally would do or would shy away from when sober and thinking clearly.

    These words are in NO way meant to scare you. They are a reality, and that is why it is so important to shy away from activities that can get you into these situations. Now the most important message: You are not a bad person. This is a mistake, and we all make them. Where do you go from here? We know that we cannot tell you, “Oh don’t worry,” because anyone would be anxious in this situation, but we can tell you be pro-active. If at all there is a possibility that you did have sex, take a pregnancy test. If think he is sexually active with other people, you might even want to consider an STD test.

    If you need to talk about it, we are here for you. Hang in there, and we hope that you find the answers that you need and deserve.

    BYS Counselor

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