Does He Still Like Me?

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Well, there is this guy I like, and we started texting around the beginning of the school year, and eventually he told me he liked me and I told him I liked him.  So later we decided we should hang out after school with a few friends, but the entire time it was kind of just me and my friend blabbering on and on about nothing important.   Ever since then he’s hardly talked to me, and what I want to know is if he still likes me, or if he doesn’t anymore.  I’m just getting really stressed out about and I don’t know why, and I really like this guy so I’m just a little disappointed and confused.

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  • BYS Therapist says:

    Hi there,
    Wow, that is a confusing situation, and I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling stressed out about it.

    When it seems like things suddenly stopped working out between you and another person, that can be stressful, even if it’s a relatively new connection. You had really enjoyed the text communication you had with him before, so you are missing how it used to be. And since you aren’t sure what prompted the change, it sounds like it’s hard to stop trying to look for answers.

    Sometimes, the simplest thing to do is to ask the person directly… this might also require a little bravery on your part, because it’s not easy to ask if someone still likes you or not, especially when you have feelings for them. And it might sting a little if you don’t get an answer that you wanted to hear. So… maybe what you want to do is first decide if it’s better to not know why things have changed, or if you’d rather know, even if the answer isn’t favorable (and even if he doesn’t respond, know that at least you’ve done all you can).

    If you are local to our office, you are always welcome to stop by our office or go on-line to request an appointment – our counselors can help brainstorm with you on whether you want to talk to him, what you might say, or how to cope with feeling a little disappointed with the situation.

    Thanks for reaching out to us. And good luck!
    BYS Counselor

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