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I bully my friends who are younger than me. I force them to bring me money. Once I also indulged in a theft case. luckily I was given a excuse by my teachers, shopkeepers and the parents. I was given a last excuse by the school authority for violating school rules such as bullying, stealing and beating fellow friends.

Recently I was caught bullying my younger class friends by the friend’s parents, and I am afraid they might complain to the school authority. What can I do to stop these bad habits?

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  • admin says:

    The best thing may be for you to admit not only to what they have caught you doing, but to other offenses that have gone undetected. Then express your desire to no longer engage in these behaviors and ask for help in eliminating these from your day to day actions. There is time for you to learn to be helpful and sensitive to others and to treat them like you would like to be treated.

    Change can be difficult and may take time. Do not be discouraged when others do not believe you have changed.
    Work hard. It is great that you want to change.

    Pat, Counselor

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