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A New Perspective on School

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Recently, we had someone share this perspective with us:

“As a mother and grandmother I feel it is unfortunate to push college starting in the Junior year of high school.  Students in other countries often take a “GAP YEAR”.  My oldest daughter did not want to attend a local university, and instead she worked a year, then went to a university overseas, and returned later to finish at UW.  My other daughter went to a small liberal arts college in CA, then later told me she never felt comfortable  there until her senior year.  I went to university at 18 yrs but did not really know why I was there and quit after two years.  Later, after having more life experience, I went to another university, and then finally graduated from the University of Washington. I remember being disappointed in many classes.  i.e. a young man in my Oceanography class when evaluating the class wrote “This class is so poorly taught even the nuns went to sleep.”  In American History class I used to think the professor was perhaps blind as he lectured to a crack in the back wall. In fact, I only remember the names of a few teachers who were dynamic. On the other hand, I am grateful for all life-long learning experiences.

Just loosen up and let students grow up.”

Need Someone To Help Me

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I feel horrible. Im depressed all the time. And all I want to do is cut. I think about suicide alot. Music doesn’t help anymore. I feel so alone. My boyfriend just left too, he made it seem like everything was ok even when things were falling apart. now I dont have him anymore and things are even worse. I skip school as much as possible and all I want to do is sleep. I get bullied alot, and my mom treats Me like crap. I just want to end it all. Theres so many things happening. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I need someone to talk to, I need someone to help me..

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