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She Is Never Going To Learn

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I wanted to share that I recently started a new school, and I really hate it it’s very small, and the people are rude and mean. On top of that the home work that they give us. My mom recently started college, and I’m only in the tenth grade, but she makes me write her papers for school, and do her math homework.

Which I have no problem doing, but I have work to do to and she is never going to learn if she keeps paying me to do her assignments.

Can’t Concentrate

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I am a quiet kid in school who always does all of my homework, or at least I used to. I used to care so much about grades that I got upset one time just because I had a B and not an A like in the rest of my classes. This year I am in 8th grade and I’m falling behind so much. I can’t seem to focus on anything and I am failing 3 classes. After this quarter if I fail anymore, then I can’t graduate 8th grade.

I have always struggled in math but lately its been horrible. Right now I have no idea what we are even learning and I just barely passed the test. Lately I cannot concentrate at all and I always forget that we have homework or tests coming up. I’m so stressed about this and its really bothering me lately. Is there anything that I can do to help this? Thank you for your time!

Hate School

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I have written before asking for help. I thought it was over, but that was stupid – depression never goes away.
To start off, I really really REALLY hate my school. This is my second year. My schedule is horrible. My grades are dropping badly because of all the stress I have to put up with. I’m also currently depressed ever since I found out I was going here, and I’ve been crying a lot. I always think of ways to stay home. I’m not the only one who hates the school though – over 20 people left from last year and people are already planning to get expelled this year (lol). It’s a private catholic school, who spends all their money on sports. There’s another school that I want to switch to that offers much more oppurtunities, and it’s RIGHT across the street.
My dad is the only one who’s keeping me in this school. He has some “anger” issues. I DID talk to him about it, and tried to be mature, did my research and printed papers and everything, but instead we talk a little, he ignores the papers, gets mad, and tells me no. I got so fed up with going to this school, that last week I cried my eyes out.. and I told my dad I’m depressed and instead of helping me out, we get into a huge argument, with him at the end saying “F you, get the F out of my house!”

I really can’t take it anymore. I had to visit the nurse yesterday, because I felt like I was going to faint in class. She says it’s from stress. I still don’t feel better from how I did. And I slept all day long yesterday. I’m already trying to make the best out of this school, by staying with friends and all, but it’s not helping… WHAT TO DO?!


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