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Feeling Worse – How to Get Help

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I’ve emailed here many, many times. I am now on anti-depressants that are supposed to, duh, help with depression but also my anxiety. The issue is that I am still feeling like crap. If anything I feel worse. I’ve been thinking of suicide so much; nearly every day, sometimes multiple times in a day. Same with cutting. I haven’t cut for almost a week but I don’t know how long that will hold. I’ve also recently realized I have anorexia. I always stop myself from eating because I’m so fat. I just feel like I can’t do it anymore.

My best friend has attempted suicide twice recently and I’m so scared of losing her. I know that if she attempts again she will probably succeed and if she does, I’m going too. I can’t be without her. My entire family treats me like crap. My mom and dad always yell at me for everything I do. Anything I’m doing, they can always find something wrong with it. My brothers both make me want to kill myself. They point out all of my flaws.

I only have a few friends I can really depend on. The problem with always being the one my friends come to with problems, though, is that they’re so negative and even when I’m trying to pull myself out of the black hole I’m in their problems suck me back down because I feel like I have to be there for them and I have to help them somehow.
I have a therapist and she’s very nice but I feel like with how well I know her I can’t really open up to her as easily. Even though it should be easier to open up to someone you know, it feels easier for me to open up to a complete stranger and know they won’t tell anyone.

Body Confidence During the Holidays

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Today is thanksgiving and I was really worried about it because I’ve had on and off eating disorders since around 6th grade. Such a big meal with everyone watching me was really scary and as soon as i got a little bit of food in my mouth I wanted to throw up. I spent the rest of today feeling like I wasnt good enough for anything or anyone. I didnt throw up because I physically couldnt make myself, like, i was trying to but it didnt work. Im too scared to talk to a friend because theyll just think Im annoying or that I want attention.  I’ve always been very very uncomfortable with my body, especially exercising, and i get really embarassed, so i feel a lot better if i throw up my food (it feels like progress) even though i know it isnt healthy. I am by no means skinny, I have a really large stomach that I always cover up and my family always tells me i need to lose weight or makes comments about my size. How do I feel better about my body, be more comfortable exercising around other people, and not regret eating? I know I have a lot to be thankful for, and I know I’m going to be okay, i just need a little help. Thanks to all the counselors who put in the time for this, its really amazing what you guys do and not enough people know about this site! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

A New Perspective on School

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Recently, we had someone share this perspective with us:

“As a mother and grandmother I feel it is unfortunate to push college starting in the Junior year of high school.  Students in other countries often take a “GAP YEAR”.  My oldest daughter did not want to attend a local university, and instead she worked a year, then went to a university overseas, and returned later to finish at UW.  My other daughter went to a small liberal arts college in CA, then later told me she never felt comfortable  there until her senior year.  I went to university at 18 yrs but did not really know why I was there and quit after two years.  Later, after having more life experience, I went to another university, and then finally graduated from the University of Washington. I remember being disappointed in many classes.  i.e. a young man in my Oceanography class when evaluating the class wrote “This class is so poorly taught even the nuns went to sleep.”  In American History class I used to think the professor was perhaps blind as he lectured to a crack in the back wall. In fact, I only remember the names of a few teachers who were dynamic. On the other hand, I am grateful for all life-long learning experiences.

Just loosen up and let students grow up.”

Keeping Up Hope

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Hi there,
I’ve been struggling with pretty deep depression for the past month or so. I had a good day today and finally felt a glimmer of hope. How do I keep this up? Are there things I can do that will help me feel hopeful again? If I were to talk to a counselor, but my parents didn’t want me to, is there anyone I can talk to?

Can’t Stand To See My Parents Like This

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Hi, Im 15 years old and my parents have been fighting for a while now. Its nothing physical, just verbal. And my dad does things that makes no sense and makes my mom very upset. Like just an hour ago, my dad went through my moms purse and cut up her work credit cards. And he has changed the passwords to apple ID accounts for the family. He has hacked into and looked at her emails and texts. He used to just have a few beers here and there but he lost his job around 3 months ago and his drinking had become more prevalent. He never hurts anyone or anything but i cant stand to see my parents like this. Its not only affecting them, its affecting me and my two younger brothers as well. They dont want mom and dad to get divorced. And apparently this has been going on for years about something (i dont know what) but now its becoming a bigger problem. I dont know what to do, what i used to think was a happy marriage and family is quickly falling apart. I dont want to make a big deal out of it and try to control their marriage. But i need to tell someone, and i need advice.

No Idea What To Do

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​I feel silly for messaging you guys since I am going to be 18 so technically I should be smart enough to handle these things but I am currently going through a crisis I don’t know how to handle. Back story, my parents have had problems since day 1 of marriage and are most likely getting divorced. I’m happy about that because I think my dad is not the best person and never really wanted a husband/father role in life. The problem i am facing is that my mom told me if that is what eventually happens we will be moving with my grandparents or I can stay here. My mom and I are so close I can’t imagine not being in the same state as her, but my boyfriend is living here. My boyfriend and I are so serious. We just had our 3 year anniversary and have honestly talked about living together next year after he’s more adjusted to college and then eventually getting married. This is a huge decision, what if he’s who I’m supposed to be with the rest of my life? I also do not want to move because I really really hate where my grandparents live. It’s way too hot and way too boring. I eventually wanted to move to a big city and maybe go to beauty school there and start my life there. I have no idea what to do. I’m going to be 18 soon so if I wanted to go to the city and start my life I could. Or I could stay here and live with my boyfriend. Or I could go with my mom. I have no idea and it is absolutely killing me. I feel like each choice is the wrong choice.

Fighting With My Brother Constantly

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Hi, I’m spiraling outta control. Me and little brother who is 11 have been fighting constantly. We fought one time Really bad that I hurt so bad inside more than outside I decided to find another path i needed peace and happiness in my life and I found it in nature. About a month later today we fought again he was and is so disrespectful to me and my mom that he cusses me everyday and it really just annoyed me so bad that he thought he has the upper hand so I started punching him and he got so mad that he started throwing pens and pencils at me I finally screamed like a damn girl I was so embarrassed of myself cause it was outta character for me I never done that since I was like 9 I was so humiliated and broken down I just want a happy life without us fighting and my anger Gettin stirred up please help me…

As Long As I Live There

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I am attending my last year of high school and I plan on going to a community college to study. Things at home are not good for me at all emotionally me and my mom do not get along at all we have never ever gotten along. We have had are good times but more bad times then good. We recently got into an argument were she basically told me some hurtful things while yelling at me just because I went out with some friends.

She told me that as long as I live in her house I have to do what she said or I can get out of her house. And I personally don’t want to live here anymore but as a high school student who doesn’t work I have no where to go. I wanted to know if there was anywhere I could go to anywhere I could live till the time being.

I know this going to sound really bad but there are days where I just hate my mom to the fullest and wished id never have to see her again in my life. Like you might not get it but my mom can be a very mean, harsh, strict, scary, hurtful person in the world. And emotionally I cant take it anymore I rather just run away but I know that would only make things worse. Please help me!  ​

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