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Tips for Suicidal Thoughts

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I have been dealing with depression for a very long time. I’ve been bullied by groups and individuals since I knew what bullying was. The bullying has mostly stopped this year, but the drama within my friend group is getting to the point where it’s kind of bullying, too. I have self-harmed and constantly have thoughts of self-harm, but I have managed to stay clean for a while, so that isn’t my largest concern at the moment.
I scare myself the amount I think about suicide. I tell myself that I would never commit suicide because of the effect it would leave on the people I care about, but I don’t always know if that’s true. I often think about how I would go through with it, but never when, where, or why.
I also deal with severe ADD/ADHD and bad social anxiety and panic attacks. I can never focus on my assignments or homework. I get nervous when in groups and have very bad panic attacks.¬†Any tips would be so very greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. ūüôā

Depression and Friendships

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I’ve been dealing with depression for 3 years and I had found a way around it but lately I couldn’t because I don’t fit in anymore. I stand out like that girl who can’t walk or talk. I don’t like labels.¬† I’ve been trying to think positive thoughts but I don’t have friends like I used to… people are moving their separate ways.

I may be graduating but I really want these friendships to last. I get picked on in some of my classes and I get these texts and snapchats that says go back home, you don’t belong here, you are just a stupid girl, and people making fun of me. When will it stop?¬† when will I ever feel safe at school again? Will I make it to graduation?

-18 yo teen

I Don’t Fit In, I Don’t Drink

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Hi. I just need help dealing with a current situation at school. I used to be super close with 4 other girls in my class but over the last year they have been going to party’s and getting drunk and my parents don’t allow me to go to party’s and I don’t feel comfortable drinking. But they have totally cut me off from their lives and bully me verbally and ignore me at school. They make school a terrible place for me, I wake up every morning sad to go to school. They made up a bunch of rumours about me and turned my friends against me. I’ve talked to teachers but no one is doing anything about this. They told me that because I don’t drink they can’t be friends with me. I don’t have any friends left. I sit alone at lunch and have no one to talk to. Usually I can deal with this but some nights (like tonight) it really gets to me and I just feel bad about myself. I feel like I don’t fit in with anybody because I’m not going out drinking every weekend. I am just not sure who to turn to to talk to, I just feel like I’m completely alone…

I Live In Fear

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I’ve been bullied by the same people over and over. I’m going insane because of it. Im thinking about moving and going to another school, its gotten so bad. This girl in my grade has threatened to kill me, to beat me up, and i’m just tired of it…I’ve resorted to smoking and scratching my wrists. I need help……I got put in a hospital two years ago for self harming and standing up for myself…These people wont stop, and I’ve tried ignoring but it just keeps getting worse….. The girl who’s threatened to kill me lives right down the street from me, and has me afraid for my life…I cant even go outside and hang out with my friends because of her. Im afraid of leaving the apartment I live in, in fear of her wanting to kill and/or hurt me…I’ve gone to the principal and the police and they’ve done absolutely nothing….I need advise, help, anything! It would be much appreciated.

Problems With My So Called “Friends”

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Hey Guys. I am having some trouble with my so called “friends”. All this year i have been friends to certain people but they have just been playing me this entire time. They know some of my secrets and they don’t like me. 1 of them went off on me and said i was embarrassing and stuff. I am scared they will tell lies about me and keep seriously bullying me. They don’t care about me at all and i don’t know what to do. Advise?

Caught Bullying

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I bully my friends who are younger than me. I force them to bring me money. Once I also indulged in a theft case. luckily I was given a excuse by my teachers, shopkeepers and the parents. I was given a last excuse by the school authority for violating school rules such as bullying, stealing and beating fellow friends.

Recently I was¬†caught bullying my younger class friends by the friend’s parents, and I am afraid they might complain¬†to the school authority. What can I do to stop these bad habits?

Why Do I Deserve This?

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Everything hurts. My “friends” say jokes about me and tell me to shut up I hate my life! I just want the pain to go away! I want people to care and listen! Everything was easier when I¬†lived in another state.¬†I want the labels to stop controlling me. The jokes the names I try to shut them out, but I’m just making my self miserable.

I do have two friends but next year they are going to high school and even now I feel like an outsider alone, sad, miserable. Why? Why won’t it end? What did I do to deserve this? Was it they way I look? My grades are dropping and I feel like everything I do and say are just empty like I have no reason to live. Why do I deserve this someone tell me why‚Äč

Everybody Makes Fun Of Me

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Hi. My brother along with other kids at school keep being really mean to me lately. My sister also does it. They always laugh at me and call me fat and that I’m ugly and make fun of how my hair looks. It really hurts my feelings. I always see them laughing and pointing at me and I always end up crying. At home my brother and sister always say it around their friends who laugh and find more mean things to say about me. I really don’t see what the point of my life is.

I have no friends and I’m just going to end up getting no where in life. My parents only care about my sister and always get her so many clothes, meanwhile I literally am stuck wearing the same outfit 3 times a week. Now all of my clothes have holes in them but they don’t really care so my grandma always helps me a shirt whenever she can.

I’m just so stressed about everything now and my grades are starting to fail so I don’t even know if I will be able to pass the grade. I really don’t know what to do anymore.¬†‚Äč

Get The Worst Feeling

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I’ve been sexually harassed all though my life, and I haven’t told anyone because I feel they would think I’m lying because it happened so much. I first got molested by my grandfather when I was younger once. Then the sexual harassment started to happen when I reached high school by a football player. See I had move to a new school and had no one there I knew.

I would have told someone about the football player if he did make threats like punching my desk and stuff like that. Then I had a class with him again, but he didn’t get as physical with me, but he was still verbal and so was his friends also football players.

I’m not so bothered by it anymore, but when I do think about it I get the worst feeling in my heart and stomach. It would be great to get you feed back.

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