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Mysterious Pain

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I’ve been having a really sharp pain right above my belly button and up 2 or 3 inches with a half inch on either side. It is on and off but hurts super bad when there. I have felt it for like a month now and now that basketball is starting I feel it a lot more to the point where it is super noticeable . I can feel it while playing but also when Im just doing daily activities like sitting and walking. I was just curious of what you thought could be happening. If you could get back to me that would be great. Thanks!

Concerned about LSD

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I have a friend who is interested in trying LSD, and am worried about him. I know that ‘bad trips’ can have severe mental consequences – is this frequently the case? I also hear that the drug causes people to ‘burn out’ – smart kids use it once or twice and end up being a lot less smart afterwards. Is this true? Are there other physical/mental consequences I should warn him about?

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