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No One Believed Me

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My mom lives with her boyfriend, and she forced me to move in with him, and wouldn’t let me stay with my dad and his new wife. I have told her countless of times that I feel uncomfortable around him (In the beginning). He’s been looking at me strangely and makes fun of me all the time. My mom just laughs with his jokes. A week after my birthday her boyfriend and I were alone in my room while she was in theirs. He was helping me set up my computer even though I didn’t want him to. He got really close to me and I was about to say something, but then he molested me. I didn’t tell anyone for an entire month, not even my best friend because I was terrified of what he would do. Finally I told my dad, and he told my mom then we sat down to talk about it, and no one believed me. I was grounded for a week because they thought I was lying, and to make it worse, my dad forced me to apologize for accusing her boyfriend. My mom guilt trips me and says that I don’t want her to be happy and that’s why I’m doing this. He hasn’t molested me since, but I’m still scared. He still makes fun of me, and when I think back to the incident I always cry(about three times a week), I always lie to my mom that I’m not feeling well because she would get mad if she knew the real reason. I don’t want to live anymore, and my thoughts about this scare me.

Scared In My Own Home

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I’m just looking for someone to talk to. My step-dad is emotionally abusive and has sometimes gotten physical with my mom. I don’t know how much more I can take. It’s hard to do school work when he’s constantly yelling at me. What am I supposed to do in this situation? He’s affecting my future and making me feel scared in my own home.

Verbally Abused My Whole Life

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I’ve been verbally abused my whole life. I’ve just started talking back and arguing back with both my parents. I don’t agree with anything they say. I understand they care about me and they do put a roof over my head but sometimes I wish they would back off. I feel so suffocated. They want me to live the life they wished they could have lived. I do appreciate everything they do for me. I just don’t appreciate being called names and being talked down on. I don’t like the fact that they won’t let me be happy with who I am as a person. I just wish I could find some way to be happy again.

Want Out

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My dad is an abusive alcoholic. I have told my mom that he scares me and has made me cut. All she said was she would find me help and that she loves him. Well this was about 6 months ago… Still no help and still wishing to be out of this house. I once told my dad before to if I can’t leave this house my spirit will. He called the cops and the cop knew my dad and said he was “a good man” so I couldn’t talk to the cop then. I live in a small town. There’s only one place for counseling  but my mom worked there so I can not go there now.
I have ran away but my mom followed because I’ll tell my dad I want to leave and he will say “There’s the door”. I’m scared. He abuses me and my dogs and my mom. He is worst when he is drunk to… I’m lost and do not know what do.
Please do get back to me. Thank you

Use Food To Cope

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I really find it hard to survive. Sometimes I’m fine, and sometimes I just want to die. I’m an outcast in my family. No one really talks to me. When they do all I hear is them laughing and making fun of me. I’m the only chubby one in the family. I use food to cope with pain, and I’m trying to get out of that bad habit. I’ve been molested countless times growing up.

I’ve been raped once (My fault for being stupid). I told a few people about being molested and raped. I love drinking. I use to be an alcoholic. I started drinking again. I don’t get drunk. I have major anger problems. I can’t talk to people because I fear them. I honestly believe It’s holding me back from a Job.

Make The Right Decision

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My friend has recently told me that her father has sexually abused her for 9 years, and was raped by her ex boyfriend. She cuts a lot. I don’t know if I should tell someone or keep it a secret. I really want to talk to the school or someone about it, but she asked me to please not tell anyone.

I don’t want her to get hurt any more. I’m not sure if I should tell someone…What do you think I should do? Please help me make the right decision.

I Would Not Have Marks

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Whenever my mom and I fight my mom hits me. Things have been good ever since school started four weeks ago. We’ve hardly fought at all. She’s been going to counseling, because I refuse to go and she says that one of us has to. I don’t want to go to counseling because she has forced me to talk to so many counselors that I’ve grown to really dislike them. She’s not hit me much since she started counseling, but today she blew up. I think she was frustrated because she didn’t really want to go to work, and I can understand that because I sometimes feel that way about school.

Whenever we fight she yells at me, calls me names, swears at me, threatens me, mocks me, and hits me. She tells me that she wishes she lived alone and that she could send me somewhere. Today when she hit me, I suddenly felt like I wanted to hit back. I was angry. I didn’t want to stand there and take it. She yelled at me not to hit her, but I don’t think it makes sense that she can hit me, but I can’t defend myself. She also sent a policeman to our apartment after she went to work.

She’s threatened to ask for welfare checks before, but never actually done it, until today. It really scared me. A while ago, during a fight, I told her that hitting is physical abuse, but she said that it’s not and that I’ve never been abused. A few weeks ago we had a fight and I pointed out that she left red marks on my arms.

She asked me whose fault that was, and I told her that she’s the one who hit me. She said, “Who brought it on?” and hit me some more. Every time I think of the times she’s hit me, I feel really miserable. I’m genuinely wondering if it’s really my fault. Is it abuse? Am I responsible? It’s really frustrating. I don’t want to go to counseling, like I said before. I’d rather talk to her instead of being shoved in someone else’s face like my mom doesn’t want to try to deal with me.

I also wonder if she feels and remorse after she hurts me. Before school started, we were out in public and she noticed she left scratches and bruises on my arms. She was really nervous and wanted me to come up with a story. I thought, “If you didn’t hit me I wouldn’t have these marks.”

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