Can’t Handle The Pressure

Posted by | February 20, 2013 | Suicide | One Comment

I can’t handle the pressures of being skinny I stave myself and when I eat I throw it up I can’t do this any more I literally want to take a bunch of pills and just die !!!!

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    We’re glad that you’re reaching out for help, but the fact that you are thinking about ending your life is very concerning. Please give us a call (1-800-448-3000) so that we can talk about things further. We’re here 24/7 and we want to help. Promise yourself that you won’t do anything to try to end your life before giving us a call or talking to an adult near you.

    Feeling the pressure of our own or others’ expectations can be difficult. To help you deal with the stress, find some ways to release your feelings in a healthy way or distract yourself from negative thoughts. Tear up paper, do something nice for someone else, write about how you are feeling, listen to music, or dance. There are a ton more ideas on this list that you can try too:

    It would probably also be a good idea to tell your parents about how you are feeling and ask to go to see a doctor and/or counselor. If you are struggling with your self-image and are dealing with disordered eating, then some professional help can prevent the problem from getting worse.

    We look forward to your call. Please stay safe.

    Jen, Crisis Counselor

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