Broken and Fragile

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Hi, i’m a girl who is insecure. I cut myself and told a friend they told me to stop so I did. But then I started to have problems again so I started cutting. I liked this boy but he did not like me back he started to ignore me and avoided me. I then decided that I don’t like him any more. I started to have thoughts of suicide and was about to stab myself in the heart with a knife but something stopped me. My mom is so mean to me and I know she doesn’t love me so I try to block her out but it does not work. She is always pointing out my flaws and telling me that i’m not smart. One boy who is me “friend” hits me and I don’t do anything because I know if I hit back I wont be able to stop due to all the anger inside. I am planning to run away from home and leave all my problems behind but I don’t know were to go. I was thinking about overdosing on pills and I will once i’m done with 7th grade. Please help me because i’m broken,fragile and needs someone to listen.

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  • BYS Counselor says:

    Thanks for reaching out and talking about your situation. It sounds like you are really contemplating suicide. Please promise yourself to keep yourself safe.

    It might seem like life is never going to get better, but it can…if you are around to make it better! You have the power to control your own thoughts/feelings/behaviors. No one else controls them; however you can give them that power by letting yourself feel upset, angry, sad, lost, etc. If you say your mom makes you do this or your crush made you feel this way, then you gave them the power to do so. However, if you say my mother is irritating and she always will be, I’m not going to take it personal, then you can go on with your day. Try and focus on what you can control and what you cannot. When you focus on the things you cannot control it only worsens your mood because it will never be the way you want it to be.

    As for running away, it’s understandable that you feel like life would be better if you left all your problems behind. The problem with that though is that new problems will replace old problems. Now you don’t have a home, money to eat, anyone you trust, etc. You are left on the streets to care for yourself.

    Life can be hard, but you don’t have to struggle through alone. Please reach out before doing anything to hurt yourself. Ending your life is not the answer! The counselors would like to talk and help you work through those suicidal thoughts. Stay safe!

    BYS Counselor

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