Body Confidence During the Holidays

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Today is thanksgiving and I was really worried about it because I’ve had on and off eating disorders since around 6th grade. Such a big meal with everyone watching me was really scary and as soon as i got a little bit of food in my mouth I wanted to throw up. I spent the rest of today feeling like I wasnt good enough for anything or anyone. I didnt throw up because I physically couldnt make myself, like, i was trying to but it didnt work. Im too scared to talk to a friend because theyll just think Im annoying or that I want attention.  I’ve always been very very uncomfortable with my body, especially exercising, and i get really embarassed, so i feel a lot better if i throw up my food (it feels like progress) even though i know it isnt healthy. I am by no means skinny, I have a really large stomach that I always cover up and my family always tells me i need to lose weight or makes comments about my size. How do I feel better about my body, be more comfortable exercising around other people, and not regret eating? I know I have a lot to be thankful for, and I know I’m going to be okay, i just need a little help. Thanks to all the counselors who put in the time for this, its really amazing what you guys do and not enough people know about this site! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  • BYS Therapist says:

    Hi there,
    Happy Thanksgiving back to you too. I hope that the rest of the weekend was a little bit easier to manage.

    Struggling with an eating disorder is really challenging, but it sounds like you already know a lot about this. You raise some really important questions – how to feel better about your own body, to feel more comfortable exercising, and not regret eating. And you also know some of your strengths – you have many things you are thankful for, and you know that you just need this little bit of help, and otherwise, you are okay.

    So that’s a really important first step you already have taken – being able to look at your situation and see what’s working, and what’s not working. The next step is figuring out how to change the things that aren’t working, and to come up with other solutions to try. And that is different for each person, so it helps to talk things through and brainstorm different ideas.

    Learning to eat healthy, exercise, and feel good about your own body can be tricky if eating is scary and you don’t think you can talk to a trusted friend about this. How about your parents, or another trusted adult (since you said you family has commented on your body weight, so maybe you don’t feel too safe sharing your feelings with them)? Or, you might ask your parent to arrange a medical check up, and ask your medical doctor if they have any suggestions, or a therapist they recommend. A lot of times, eating disorders have to do with how you feel about yourself, and solving that challenge is an important part of you getting healthier. If you are local to us, you may want to come talk to one of our counselors – make an appointment at – and figure out how you might resolve this issue. Our service is free and confidential.

    Good luck with your next steps. You’ve done some of the hardest parts of the process – identifying the problem, and talking about it to someone (Us!)… I hope it keeps getting easier and that you are able to get the help that you need.

    Take care,

    BYS Counselor

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