Afraid I’ll Lose My Scholarship

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Ok this is a school thing. Short version is I haven’t been doing well grade-wise. It’s my first year of college and grades were never a problem before but now they are, and it’s really killing my self-worth. All the sites like this one say stuff like “you’re human, you can make mistakes, etc. etc.” but is it a mistake if I knew what would happen? I never do as much as I should and the classes just get harder and harder. Right now it looks like I’ve screwed everything up too bad to fix. I’m afraid I’ll lose my scholarships and then everything will be ruined forever.

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  • BYS Counselor says:

    Transition from high school to college can be somewhat challenging. You are moving from a very structured academic environment to a less structured one. In order to determine what is going on look at what you are having problems with. Are you having problems getting to class? Problems with completing assignments? Problems with tests?

    It is also important to evaluate your study habits. Don’t wait until the last minute to read material or to complete assignments. Organize yourself so that you know what assignments/tests/papers are due when. Make a calendar of the semester that is broken down into months/weeks/days.

    Make sure that you are going to classes and are prepared by reading the assignments. Sit in the front of the classroom or auditorium and take notes. You will be more able to focus if you are sitting in the front, and you will be able to retain more if you take notes. After class you can also review notes to help you remember what the lecture was about.

    See if there is any tutoring center at your college. Many universities offer tutoring in math, English, and other classes. Some universities also have a student writing center that will help you with improving writing skills for papers.

    If you are having problems in particular classes talk to your professors to see what can be done. Some professors will allow you to complete extra credit assignments, or may be able to give you suggestions on how to better master the subject.

    You do not indicate how many classes you are taking, but you also may want to consider taking less classes until you are having more success academically. Also, it may be helpful to talk to your academic advisor so that you can get support and advice regarding this situation. Take care.

    BYS Counselor

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