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2014 July

Don’t Remember What Happened

Posted by | Drugs & Alcohol | One Comment

I have no idea what to do. I’m honestly scared to death. My friends mom is out of town so he threw a party and me including all my friends went over to his house.. BIG MISTAKE. We all got drunk and stayed the night at his house. I mean no parents were there.. Why wouldn’t we? The next thing I know I’m up in his bedroom with him hearing pounding on the door.

I guess my friends were trying to get us out of the room since he and I had both been drinking, but I don’t remember it. The guy said him and I had sex, but I don’t remember it and it would’ve been my ‘first time’. I have no idea what happened or even if he used a condom! Help! WHAT do I do?! ​

Please Help Me

Posted by | Suicide | One Comment

I’m having suicidal thoughts. I want to talk to somebody but don’t want to call a hotline or anything because I’m afraid of my parents finding out. I think they will make me go to a counselor or something if they do. I’m having suicidal thoughts because my grades are very low and my parents act like they are proud of my brothers and sisters but they don’t act like they are proud of me. I understand that they don’t really have a reason to be proud of me with my grades being so bad but it’s too obvious not to notice. I’m afraid that if I did commit suicide it would put one of my family members in depression leading to them killing themselves. Which is holding me back from committing it. Please help me.

Think Horribly of Myself

Posted by | Feelings | One Comment

To whoever may read this, I feel as if my life is slowly going downhill. Everything has changed, especially my friends. I feel as if they are ignoring me now. I feel really anti-social among my family and friends, but I don’t want to bother them with my problems. I have a friend who is going through some tough times, but I don’t know how to react. I don’t know what to do, I want to say something but I’m afraid that they just won’t talk to me or get angry. At times like this, I think of myself horribly, calling myself horrible names, and when people joke and sarcastically call me an idiot or something, I know they’re joking but part of me thinks that it’s true. I have trouble controlling my emotions where I could be feeling really angry one minute and crying the next. Is there something wrong with me? I really want to help people out but I can barely have a conversation. I’m sorry if this confused you, but I don’t know about anything anymore. Thank you for reading this.

Fighting With My Brother Constantly

Posted by | Family | One Comment

Hi, I’m spiraling outta control. Me and little brother who is 11 have been fighting constantly. We fought one time Really bad that I hurt so bad inside more than outside I decided to find another path i needed peace and happiness in my life and I found it in nature. About a month later today we fought again he was and is so disrespectful to me and my mom that he cusses me everyday and it really just annoyed me so bad that he thought he has the upper hand so I started punching him and he got so mad that he started throwing pens and pencils at me I finally screamed like a damn girl I was so embarrassed of myself cause it was outta character for me I never done that since I was like 9 I was so humiliated and broken down I just want a happy life without us fighting and my anger Gettin stirred up please help me…

Verbally Abused My Whole Life

Posted by | Abuse | One Comment

I’ve been verbally abused my whole life. I’ve just started talking back and arguing back with both my parents. I don’t agree with anything they say. I understand they care about me and they do put a roof over my head but sometimes I wish they would back off. I feel so suffocated. They want me to live the life they wished they could have lived. I do appreciate everything they do for me. I just don’t appreciate being called names and being talked down on. I don’t like the fact that they won’t let me be happy with who I am as a person. I just wish I could find some way to be happy again.

Her Mom Doesn’t Want Us Together

Posted by | Relationships | One Comment

So just a couple months ago I started dating my new girlfriend. We’ve been going off on a good start but her mom doesn’t want us to be together. We’ve been secretly dating behind her mothers back but now it seems that me and her are barely even talking anymore it feels as though I’m putting in all the effort and I might be the only one being loyal, what should I do I love this girl but I’m going crazy about it now?

Problems With My So Called “Friends”

Posted by | Bullying | One Comment

Hey Guys. I am having some trouble with my so called “friends”. All this year i have been friends to certain people but they have just been playing me this entire time. They know some of my secrets and they don’t like me. 1 of them went off on me and said i was embarrassing and stuff. I am scared they will tell lies about me and keep seriously bullying me. They don’t care about me at all and i don’t know what to do. Advise?

Addicted To My Computer

Posted by | School | One Comment


I wish if you could help me with it.

I think I’m addicted to my phone and the computer.

I’m not able to study properly. I’ve just passed school and it took me a lot of struggle at the eleventh hour to get above average grades. I didn’t study the entire year. Instead, spent time in useless things I knew wouldn’t pay me back. I’d spent more than 2K hours on all this the whole year and no more than 20 hours on academics. And I don’t know exactly how much time was lost before that.

What I do is, just as the operating system seems to get a little older, I re-install everything and setup the entire system, again and again, and it seems there is no end to it. I don’t like clutter. I do the same with other things too. It’s like, when I want to sit for study, something or the other occupies my thought and I then accomplish it first and this goes on and I end up procrastinating my study sessions.

Maybe I’ve an OCD and I couldn’t help myself anymore. I believe that my ability to sit and study even for an hour has vanished into nothingness. I think of studying when all the things that seek my attention are sorted out, and that never happens. And even at night I spend all my active hours on my PC. My parents think I study at night and they sleep.

So many topics have to be covered for other examinations and I’m just keeping everything to the end. Just a few days left for the next big exam. Other fellows are already done with more than half of the course. All they have to do is revise at the last day, and here I would be struggling to remember things for the first time and panicking. It still could be prevented. I’ve a week left!

Maybe I fear that I wouldn’t be able to complete it and I lack time, I don’t know. My competitors are ahead of me and maybe that’s why I’m not able to do it well.

It’s like I’m stuck in a chain of not spending time on academics and procrastination. And I’m not able to brake out of that chain of processes!

What do I do?


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