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2014 March

Concerned about LSD

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I have a friend who is interested in trying LSD, and am worried about him. I know that ‘bad trips’ can have severe mental consequences – is this frequently the case? I also hear that the drug causes people to ‘burn out’ – smart kids use it once or twice and end up being a lot less smart afterwards. Is this true? Are there other physical/mental consequences I should warn him about?

Unsure About The Future

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I am a senior and thinking a lot about the future, but I feel really floaty and unsure or everything. It seems like I’m just drifting around aimlessly without anything to hold on to, and the things that I used to be really passionate about have become meaningless and stale to me. I don’t know what I want to do in my life and I don’t know who I am (I feel super disconnected from myself). What can I do to get back in touch with who I am and to regain purpose in my life again? Thank you so much!

As Long As I Live There

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I am attending my last year of high school and I plan on going to a community college to study. Things at home are not good for me at all emotionally me and my mom do not get along at all we have never ever gotten along. We have had are good times but more bad times then good. We recently got into an argument were she basically told me some hurtful things while yelling at me just because I went out with some friends.

She told me that as long as I live in her house I have to do what she said or I can get out of her house. And I personally don’t want to live here anymore but as a high school student who doesn’t work I have no where to go. I wanted to know if there was anywhere I could go to anywhere I could live till the time being.

I know this going to sound really bad but there are days where I just hate my mom to the fullest and wished id never have to see her again in my life. Like you might not get it but my mom can be a very mean, harsh, strict, scary, hurtful person in the world. And emotionally I cant take it anymore I rather just run away but I know that would only make things worse. Please help me!  ​

Keeping My Head Above Water

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Lately I have been having some less-than-pleasant thoughts. Dying sounds right to me, not rushed, just feels right. I would have called the hotline but the walls around my house are paper-thin, and I could not go for anyone snooping on me. I am registered with a website called “reachout” and they recommended me to this website/hotline. Other generalized issues add up to how I feel, such as self harm and problems with food. I am here because I felt the need to expend all my options before I commit to anything, because if I go through with this then I want my family to know I tried everything, that there was nothing they could do. I really just want it to end.

But I want my family to know it’s for the best. I’m not making a rash decision, I’ve giving it plenty of thought. I want to die but I care about them, and I don’t want them to feel the same way I have after I’m gone, which is the sole thought keeping me here. Right now I don’t know which is more important to me, my death or their lives (yea it selfish but I can’t help it–why I feel so guilty). I have refrained for a couple days now from doing anything but I can feel myself shortening my patience. I know I need to talk to someone and I should but I just want to DIE!

There is one friend that has hung on and won’t let go, and it’s because of her I’m going to see someone, but I don’t think it’ll come soon enough, and I’m worried I won’t be able to hold on for so long. I would also tell my mom but I cannot bare the look on her face. The thought both keeps me alive for protecting my family, and encourages me to die as I become swamped in guilt. This is my last option, and though I’m not really keen on writing this email, I am, and I found it’s so much easier to die than to write this, but I’m here for a final chance. I’m writing this for my family, but they need to see that I just need to move on. The guilt is causing so much pain, and the thought of dying is ever-tempting. I just want to let go.

I also realize that this is an email and responses probably will take a while, so I will try my hardest with patience (mostly because of school), but I’m barely keeping my head above water, and I’m just so ready to die. The most I can hope for is to go to sleep as soon as I can and go to school tomorrow so I won’t be as tempted, but after that I’m not sure. (If I hesitate to respond that is why) Sorry this was a rant and super long. Thanks for your time.

Strong Feelings

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So there’s this guy I like. I’ve known him for 5 years and I really like him. But the catch is he has a girlfriend now. But he still kind of flirts with me like he doesn’t have a gf. I have really strong feelings for him. Also, we did something earlier this month but that was before I knew he had a girlfriend. What should I do?

Want Out

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My dad is an abusive alcoholic. I have told my mom that he scares me and has made me cut. All she said was she would find me help and that she loves him. Well this was about 6 months ago… Still no help and still wishing to be out of this house. I once told my dad before to if I can’t leave this house my spirit will. He called the cops and the cop knew my dad and said he was “a good man” so I couldn’t talk to the cop then. I live in a small town. There’s only one place for counseling  but my mom worked there so I can not go there now.
I have ran away but my mom followed because I’ll tell my dad I want to leave and he will say “There’s the door”. I’m scared. He abuses me and my dogs and my mom. He is worst when he is drunk to… I’m lost and do not know what do.
Please do get back to me. Thank you

No One To Talk To

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I have depression and I am doing pretty good most of the time, but tonight is one of those nights where I don’t do so hot. I have been thinking a lot about my best friend. I mean more than I normally do and I just wish I could go to him and talk to him or call him but I cant because he died almost 9 months ago and I’ve accepted the fact that he is gone but it just sucks is the best way to put it. My grandparents died last year around the same time and I am okay about that (not meaning I think them dying is okay I just can accept the fact their gone easier).

I don’t know it may be from the fact he was a few months older than me and I looked at him like my big brother… I still don’t know what to do. I don’t know, I guess I just want to know why this keeps happening. My mom thinks I’m faking it when ever I get upset because I want attention and my dad just doesn’t understand. I can assure you I don’t cry about it because I want attention, I do it because I’m still hurting inside and I don’t know what to do and I have no one to talk to. ​

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