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2014 January

Get The Worst Feeling

Posted by | Bullying | One Comment

I’ve been sexually harassed all though my life, and I haven’t told anyone because I feel they would think I’m lying because it happened so much. I first got molested by my grandfather when I was younger once. Then the sexual harassment started to happen when I reached high school by a football player. See I had move to a new school and had no one there I knew.

I would have told someone about the football player if he did make threats like punching my desk and stuff like that. Then I had a class with him again, but he didn’t get as physical with me, but he was still verbal and so was his friends also football players.

I’m not so bothered by it anymore, but when I do think about it I get the worst feeling in my heart and stomach. It would be great to get you feed back.

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